What We Do


Welcome to the Friends of the No. 11 (Fighter) Group Operations Room. We are a group of people from all walks of life who share an interest in preserving and promoting the Royal Air Force’s heritage from the Second World War and the time of the Battle of Britain in particular. Following the closure of RAF Uxbridge, the Friends was formed to provide a support network to promote, assist and develop the Battle of Britain Bunker. Friends work alongside Hillingdon Council staff and are involved in all sorts of activities from tour guiding, cataloguing the collection, restoration work, running the tea stall at open weekends, looking after our website or hedge trimming. If you would like to find out more about what we do or even would like to become a Friend then read on.

Friends can provide all sorts of practical help so that the unique Bunker and its collection of artefacts are preserved and accessible to the public. There is always a long list of jobs that we need help with so don’t ever feel that you have nothing to offer.


For other Friends, being a member is a way of keeping in touch with their local history.


Either way, by joining the Friends you will be making a valuable contribution to this unique piece of history so favoured by Winston Churchill.


The Friends of the No. 11 (Fighter) Group Operations Room is a registered charity – Charity No 1148461.


Member Tours


Following the success of the visit by some members and volunteers of the Bunker to the Battle of Briatin Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby, more visits for Friends will be arranged to other places of interest.


We welcome suggestions from members for visits to other places of interest. If you would like to suggest a tour location or other idea for an activity that may be suitable, please email membertrips@friendsof11group.co.uk


We will endeavour to publicise planned trips for members on this website, but as some events may be arranged at short notice it would be helpful to have a list of members who would like to take part in visits. If you would like to be kept fully up to date on all planned visits please send an email to membertrips@friendsof11group.co.uk confirming a request for your email address to be added to the list of members interested in external trips and visits.